GAP Warranty is designed to relieve you of the responsibility for the remainder of the loan balance that your primary insurance carrier may not cover.

In Canada a vehicle is stolen every three minutes. In 2006 there were 170,000 vehicles stole in Canada.*The recovery rate of stolen vehicles is less than 50%.

*Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada

GAP Protects You from Substantial loss!

  • Negative Equity, Fees and Taxes are all included in Loan Amount.

  • Product is available for Automotive, Recreation and Marine vehicles.

  • Available for both Loans and Leases.

  • No maximum for Equity roll-over.

  • Easy to understand and explain claims process, no calculation of % of use.

  • Policies are available for clients in most Provinces.

  • All policies are fully insured.

  • Truncation is not allowed.

  • Underwritten by Elite Insurance, a member company of AVIVA Canada.

  • Loan Terms limited to 96 months.